The Waldorf School of Louisville is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to providing a Waldorf education to the children of the greater Louisville community. We offer a developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education. We are a candidate school with the Association of Waldorf School of North America (AWSNA) and a full-member of Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).

Our Beginnings

The Waldorf School of Louisville was founded in 1992 by brother and sister, Robin Dulaney and Janey Newton (currently of Foxhollow Bio-dynamics Farm). Their interest in Waldorf is due in large part to their grandmother’s influence; she’s described as “a Waldorf school in one human being”.  What began as a small, Early Childhood program has grown, over the last 25 years, to include a Middle School, after school Sports, multiple buildings and an abundant and thriving community. We are forever grateful to Robin and Janey and to their grandmother for her lasting influence.

Non-discriminatory statement

The Waldorf School of Louisville does not discriminate against applicants for admission or employment on the basis of race, creed, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. WSL is committed to complying with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities. This commitment applies to all persons involved in the operations of WSL and prohibits discrimination by any employee of the WSL. To ensure equal employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, WSL will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified applicant or employee, unless undue hardship would result.